Name: Dick Grayson
Alias: Nightwing

That's all you need to know.

[[Independent Nighwing; blue fingerstripes and all. Based off of the 80's-90's Nightwing run.]]

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Roy had a terrible feeling swell within him once Dick murmured in his ear.  He knew Dick had been absolutely serious, knew he had gone through all the motions in his head and thought about them laughing and eating away on the couch.  Dick was lying now, and it was because he was afraid he had gone the wrong route.  Maybe he had, since Roy had made plans to do something else entirely, but there was no reason he couldn’t be flexible.  But now they were both lying to each other, and it was like history was coming back to haunt them.  Roy felt the same distressing, terrible feeling of being disappointed and disappointing Dick, a sigh coming to his lips as he threw his napkin down on his half-eaten steak.  

He stood and removed his tie and suit jacket, leaving them hanging on the chair he had sat on.  He went to blow out the candles within the dining room before going to join Dick in the kitchen, forcing a smile on his lips.  He didn’t want to end the night angry or disappointed.  Not fucking again.  He couldn’t take another lost special day, not after every single one had been ruined between them.  ”You go on ahead and put a movie on, Dick.  I’m going to go upstairs and change since I’m still a little overdressed.”  He set his plate down in the sink and went to give Dick’s cheek a loud kiss.  ”I’ll be right back, gorgeous.”

He made his way out of the kitchen and up the stairs, anger dissipating a little.  It was alright, they could do this.  One night of being together happy.  He walked into his bedroom and closed the door behind him, moving what he had set up for a massage away and changing into a pair of dark wash jeans, still leaving on the dress shirt.  They could do this, he knew they could.

"Hurry back, my love." Dick watched him until he had disappeared up the stairs, then went right on to choose the movie. 300, a nice, manly movie, one they could just… watch and still talk through, one they could kiss through and laugh and… be together again. Dick just wanted to be with him and while he now felt he’d let Roy down royally, he just wanted to make sure they still had a happy night. And Dick just wanted to be with Roy and love him openly and hopefully things would lead back to the bedroom where Dick screwed up and should have began. He wouldn’t push it, though, because they’ve only done that once since being together and perhaps it was still a small red zone for them. Maybe they could just stay up all night and do absolutely everything. They didn’t have anywhere to go the next day now did they?

Once he heard Roy’s footsteps coming back to the living room, Dick sat right up on his knees and turned to face the back of the couch so he could see Roy and extend one of his hands out to him. “Come here, love. Come give me a kiss.” And yes, he yanked him over rather gently and cupped Roy’s cheeks into his hands, his lips kissing Roy’s as sweetly and lovingly as he could. “Thank you so much for this again, Roy. I love you, you know that? And the fact that you… you gave me a key to this house, a trip for us to Scotland…” Dick whispered his word’s against Roy’s lips, forehead resting Roy’s. “This is amazing. Thank you, thank you. For just… these last few weeks. They’ve been amazing, thank you.” 'Thank you for making me happy.'

"Come on, movie time, yeah? 300— a manly, classic Spartan movie. Manly men, fighting, gore, it’s everything a guy could ask for in one." Dick laughed some and sat down right on the couch, patting the seat next to him. "Come sit with me? I even have a blanket here an ready for us." And Roy was still in the dress shirt? He looked absolutely dashing as always, but Dick had almost expected him to wear… sweats or something. "That color, the one of shirt, it really looks nice on you, in case I didn’t say that already. And even if I did say it already."

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Roy was glad to see Dick enjoying his dinner, hopeful he had made something good enough to please a pallet as experienced as Dick’s.  Roy hadn’t ever had much experience with fine dining, growing up on the reservation.  And while Ollie had he money, Roy had never gone to many of those fancy events.  Making something halfway fancy made him feel a little… better.  Like he meant more than just an orphan boy going from place to place.

"Yeah, you’re sleeping over.  If you want to, of course."  Roy scrunched his nose up at the mention of marshmallows and chocolate in popcorn, then sighed softly.  Well, that wasn’t exactly what he had wanted to do it all, but he’d be alright with that.  He’d have to put a few things in the bedroom away, but knowing Dick they’d stay in the couch anyway.  Roy loosened up his tie and nodded, wanting to be flexible with Dick.  "Sounds like fun," he replied with a grin, going to eat the rest of his steak.  "Except the popcorn— that’s incredibly terrible, alright?  You can have that mess if you want to, but I’ll keep my popcorn normal."

He shot him a look at the wink, a smile adorning his lips.  ”The adventures of Dick and Roy at midnight.  Sounds hilarious to me.  But hey— you leave your mistress at the store.”  He chuckled as he went back to his food, taking a pause to sip at his wine.  He went back to the food, knowing Dick would be finished before him and not wanting to make Dick wait.  ”If there’s popcorn, does that mean we’re watching a movie?” he asked, looking over at him.  ”What would you like to watch?”

"Mm, anything is fine with me." Dick noticed the nose scrunch. Now, see, Dick hadn’t been wanting to imagine what he thought spending the night meant. Because a big part of their problems last time they tried this was disappointment. And Dick hadn’t wanted to think that maybe… maybe that was what was insinuated there? Even after the breakfast thing… had he been underthinking this? Wow. Usually Dick was the one who overthought everything. Now that Dick had a pretty good understanding of right now, he could definitely play this up to both of their advantages now couldn’t he?

Dick quickly finished up his food and his wine, wiping his mouth neatly on one of the napkins before scooting himself out of the seat. “I’m gonna go put this in the sink, then get us some cake. Which we can eat when you’re done.” He turned and started off to the kitchen, smirked to himself, then turned and looked back at Roy. “Oh, by the way?” He sauntered back over, leaned down till his lips were brushing over Roy’s, all with his hand resting heavy on Roy’s shoulder. “I hope you didn’t think I was serious about this night ending with popcorn and a movie, babe. You should know me better than that.”

And with that being said Dick was off and back to the kitchen, making sure to even shake his hips a little more than usual. Sure, maybe cuddling and watching a movie and making out like teenagers was still an option— but Dick would very much like to divulge into what was there that caused the nose scrunch when Dick suggested something else. Ohh, yes, yes he very much liked that plan. But it was all in good time he supposed.

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"The only one for you?" Roy asked, thought it was a rhetorical question.  He liked the thought of that, though he knew it wasn’t true.  He knew Barbara, Wally… others could take care of Dick just as well as he could and probably even better.  He knew Barbara could fulfill needs he couldn’t at all, and he knew Dick and Wally were the closest anyone could be.  Roy wasn’t who was supposed to be here, in a house Dick bought sharing a two-year-anniversary dinner.  He wasn’t supposed to have called for a babysitter in the family for their baby, he wasn’t supposed to be the one Dick longed for.  But he was.  And for that.. he was grateful.

Roy quirked an eyebrow, a smile on his lips.  ”So now you’re an expert on which wine compliments steak?”  He chuckled and leaned over, kissing Dick’s cheek and pulling away before taking another bite from his steak.  ”I’m glad you like all of this.  I was afraid you would’ve been a little too surprised to enjoy it.”  He smiled at having his ankle hooked on again and looked over at Dick, a fond look in his eyes.  He watched him eat quickly, rolling his eyes with a grin on his lips.  ”You are the dorkiest dork to ever dork, Dick,” he murmured before taking another sip of wine.  ”But you’re my favorite dork.”  And now he had to make sure he didn’t call him that again, since it was about the thousandth time just that evening.  But hey, it was true.

Roy himself took his time eating, not too hungry after munching on food while cooking.  He ate his steak and risotto while watching Dick, switching his fork to his left hand so he could reach with his right and just rubbing his fingers against Dick’s leg.  He just wanted a little touch, that’s all.  He ate quietly, simply enjoying Dick’s company and watching Sagitta lounge about too.  Roy felt.. content.  Happy.  This was how it should be every night in his mind.

"You know what? Dorkiest dork to ever dork… I think I’ll take that title not only with honor, but also with pride." Dick smirked after at him, rocking his foot a little so their joined ankles would swing a bit. An intimate touch without interrupting this wonderful evening… Dick really liked it. Was a wonder he hadn’t done something like that before, or had he? He couldn’t really… remember any touching like that in restaurants when they went out, save for that time in Paris when he snuck under the table and gave Roy a blowjob while the waiter tried talking to him. Ha… oh, that had been fun. And the look on Roy’s face after the wait had left was DIck’s favorite part of that evening. Too bad he never got to do it again.

He took a long swig from his glass of wine and kept eating, fast but neat, just like he said. And it wasn’t long before Dick was over halfway done, having not said anything and ate while enjoying the content, comfortable silence that surrounded them. SOmetimes they just didn’t need to talk to feel so happy and content. That was one thing that Dick really loved about Roy. “Thank you again for dinner. This is absolutely wonderful, it tastes amazing.”

"Speaking of which… so I’m spending the night here, huh? You mentioned that and then me making breakfast… is part of our anniversary a sleepover too? If so, I demand popcorn. With marshmallows and chocolate chips in it. And if a midnight run to the store is needed— eh. I’ve got a bike and a car, we can manage having a little adventure together can’t we?" Actually, going out in the middle of the night in their pajamas on an adventure for food… really didn’t sound half bad to DIck. He did smirk up at Roy and added in a wink too, of course.

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Roy almost sputtered at being called ‘sex on legs’ due to, well, having not heard anything like that from Dick in a while.  He ended up chuckling and having to clear his throat.  He liked the intimacy of having his ankle linked with Dick’s and liked that Dick seemed somewhat pleased now.  That was better.  He himself relaxed some, his body softening from its rigid state after being reassured all was well.  Roy just worried about them a lot.  They were divorced, after all.  Divorced with a child and a past that haunted them every day.  A past that included fights that would ruin whole trips to Italy and Paris and every major moment in their relationship.  He hated those, he didn’t ever want to create another moment like that.

"I’m glad you noticed the trim," Roy replied, smiling over at him as his mood lightened up again.  He leaned over and kissed his cheek, letting his jaw rub against his to make sure Dick felt the trimmed beard.  He pulled back just to watch Dick eat sloppily and ended up laughing, shaking his head as he went to eat.  "You’re such a dork, Dick," he teased, taking a bite out of the risotto.  Oh good, it wasn’t too salty.  He had been worried about that.  "I don’t know how anyone but me stands you."

He grinned over at him, nudging him before taking a bite of the steak.  He had overcooked his own, just because that was his favorite way of eating meat, but had been sure not to do the same for Dick’s.  ”Ah— I’m an idiot,” Roy murmured, wiping his mouth with the fancy napkin before standing and reaching for the wine glasses.  ”A little wine for you, sir?” he asked, pouring Dick a glass of the drink before doing the same for himself.  ”Not our usual drink, but it’s pretty good.”  He sat back down, smiling as he went to take his glass into his hand.  ”I like it a lot.  You’re not old enough yet, you dork, but I think you’ll enjoy this.”

"That’s probably why you’re the only one for me. Because you’re the only one that can actually handle the real Dick Grayson." Not the steady, serious leader. Not the charming cop, not the shadowed vigilante. The absolute and complete dork that Dick Grayson the nineteen year old guy was. To think he had accomplished so much and to only be nineteen… which included marriage and a daughter, not to mention a full time job and everything (Well, two full time jobs that was).. yeah. He had quite a bit on his hands now didn’t he? And here Roy was, sticking with him now and helping to make him feel so much better about things… yeah. He really was the only one for him.

Dick smiled warmly at him before taking the glass Roy had poured for him, eyes rolling in good nature at that last little comment. “No, I’m not legal yet, but when has my age ever stopped you from doing something hm?” Dick wiggled his eyebrows and snickered at him before taking a drink— “Wow. That is very good. It actually really compliments your steak.” A small, quiet pause… “I mean— I started cooking more, I’m actually a little more knowledgable about this stuff now. And your steak is excellent, the wine is wonderful… everything is wonderful. I’m almost speechless.”

Dick hooked his ankle around Roy’s again, simply because he could, and went right back to stuffing his face as cleanly as he could. He’s starving, he’s been working and exercising and ate but one poptart on the way out of his apartment this morning (the second dropped in the snow and he just left it for some stray dog if it wanted his hot chocolate poptart) and… Roy was a really fucking good cook okay? So he’s gonna eat it quickly and neatly. And then cake.

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Title: Talk Dirty

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Talk Dirty | Jason Derulo (feat. 2 Chainz)

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"I’m a big fan of breakfast," Roy replied with a grin, happy to have Dick around in a more romantic setting.  He felt like he had been holding back around him, and for reasons he was sure Dick could understand- but now it seemed the two were… well, serious about each other again, and he wanted to do something special for their two year anniversary.  Dating anniversary, alright, but an anniversary that was important to Roy.  He knew Dick felt it was important too…  He was honestly surprised Dick was so surprised by this.  He would’ve thought Dick would have had his suspicions, or something like that.  Roy hadn’t expected anything today, but to catch Dick so off guard was strange.  He figured Dick had forgotten- not the date itself, but just what day it was this week.  He remembered Dick would do that often, thanks to long night shifts.  Never his fault, really.

"I don’t need you to say anything, other than you like it."  He smiled at Dick and looked down at the food, happy it seemed to come out alright.  He wanted to make something slightly fancy without overdoing it or making something Dick wouldn’t like— hopefully he’d enjoy this some.  Steaks were an easy fit, right?  Surely Dick would like that?  Man, Roy hoped so.  This whole thing was for him— hopefully Dick would enjoy at least a little of it.  Well, the cake was his favorite— vanilla on vanilla— so at the very least he’d enjoy a slice of that later.  

At the words, though, Roy’s eyes looked back at Dick as a small frown came to his lips.  ”What?” he asked, honestly taken aback.  ”Dick, I didn’t expect anything from you today.  I know our relationship is… weird at best, so I didn’t think you’d even bring it up today.  I wanted to surprise you with something nice, something you’d enjoy.  You don’t have to do anything… I just want you to relax with me.  Sit back, eat, talk with me…  We could take this upstairs and eat in our pajamas if you’d like, if that’d make things easier.  I don’t care.  Just relax, Dick.  That’s all this is for.” 

"I mean, I know you probably didn’t, but— Harper, come on. Don’t frown on me?" Dick smiled at him again, trying to show that there really was no reason for him to frown or anything. It’s not like Dick was really upset and wanted today ruined. Fucking hell, it as the exact opposite.  Today was the third best day of his life— Right behind marrying Roy and adopting Daniella, of course. But it sure did make that third place spot that much was for sure. Because today was special no matter how upset Dick was that he didn’t do anything stupendously important or romantic or anything like Roy had done for him.

"You know that I’ve got that thing about me where I’ve got to please everyone. Try and do my best and everything, that’s all." Dick linked his ankle around Roy’s under the table, a hand reaching out to rest on Roy’s forearm. "Don’t frown babe, please? I know our relationship is… odd, without title, weird, but it’s still important to me. It’s so important to me, Roy. And that’s why I’m saying what I have. I don’t want to go upstairs, I want to have a nice, romantic meal with you on our anniversary in sweats and this ratty old tank top while you sit there looking like sex on legs… I noticed the beard rim, by the way. I do love a nice, clean, scruffy looking man." He almost added ‘between my legs’ but he’s trying to be serious now. Keep your comments to yourself, Dick, come on now.

He smiled and let Roy’s ankle go, finally taking that bite of his food before grabbing his napkin to wipe at the sauce that he was sure just splashed onto his chin. Oops? “So don’t give me that look, you know that I’m just being my usual, stupid self. We’re going to have a nice, romantic evening with you smiling whether you like it or not.”

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Roy watched Dick go with a small smile, his eyes on him until he walked away.  He himself got to work to pull out what he had made for Dick from the oven— a high class steak dinner with risotto and steamed green beans.  He couldn’t remember if Dick liked those or not, so he kept those aside and away in case he didn’t.  He thought some kind of vegetable would be good, though that may simply come from his daddy days.  He took out a bottle of wine and two glasses, setting them up on the dining table where roses and candles seemed to be everywhere.  He had been ready for this, ready to be romantic and give Dick everything he would’ve liked on a night like this.  He wanted to take the pain away, or whatever memory of it was left after the break up.  Whether they remained together or not, he had to make sure he was happy.

He laughed at Dick’s words and rolled his eyes, leaning down to kiss his cheek.  ”Relax.  I told you, I already made the dinner.  How about.. you grab those two extra plates while I get the cake back in the fridge.  Wouldn’t want it to melt…”  He started to move, then looked back at Dick with a smile.  ”You can make me something some other day, okay?  Maybe make me breakfast tomorrow after sleeping in with me?”  He turned back to his work with a smile still playing on his lips.  He put the cake back in the fridge- thankful for how big the appliance was- and made sure it was nice in place before closing it up again.  He turned around to answer his question, a smile on his lips again.

"We can leave the day after tomorrow.  I wanted to make sure we had some relaxation time before having to pack up."  He walked over to him and nuzzled his cheek.  "C’mon, let’s go have some dinner."  He took one of Dick’s hands and led him away and into the dining room, even pulling out a chair for him before he clicked a button and started up some soft, instrumental background noise.  And, if Dick hadn’t noticed, while he wasn’t dressed for a fancy restaurant Roy had taken upon himself to make sure he looked good.  Extra time on hair without too much product, cologne, trimmed beard, all the works.  Because it was nice to be sexy for your partner.  And Dick- well, he was always sexy.  Roy happened to enjoy his look at the moment.  "I remember you loving spaghetti and meatballs, but I’ve already made that for you.  I also remember you taking me out for steak maybe once, but it was something else you favored.  So hopefully this is alright?"  There was also garlic bread.  Because garlic bread.  And a simple pizza waiting in the fridge in case Dick hated all of this which would be taken upstairs to be consumed by a goofy pair of heroes in pajama pants.  Roy had always been that kind of guy, but he’d like to treat Dick every once in a while, too.

"Fine, I’m going to do breakfast for you. And a really big one at that too." He would make absolutely everything that he could And if that meant sneaking out early in the morning to run to the store, Dick would definitely do that. See, he’s still on himself about letting Roy down (which Dick himself wasn’t exactly sure that he had let him down but he decided it was probably safe to assume that in some aspect he really had let poor Roy down) so he made a promise to himself that he would make up for it… probably for the rest of his life if he had to guess. Just until this guilt of not doing anything when Roy had done so much was still lingering in his mind. How could he have been so stupid as to think that Roy wasn’t going to do anything? Roy was more thoughtful, caring, sentimental than Dick was. And he seriously hadn’t thought of this actually happening?

Dick shook his head as if to shake the thought from his mind, then happily followed Roy out to the dining room. He thanked him for pulling his chair out, and a wide grin followed up when he saw the food. “It’s perfect, thank you.” Dick waited until Roy was sitting down before picking his fork up, eyes scanning over the food on his plate. “… I’m really not sure what to say right now. This was very nice of you to do, Roy. Thank you again.” Dick smiled over at him, the smile soft and warm. Yeah, he would make it up to Roy in some way or another. “You didn’t have to do all of this for me, you know. Just knowing that you remember this day meant more to me than any of this probably ever could.” Because it meant that Roy cared… and that just made everything feel so much better to Dick.

He cut up a piece of his steak and brought it to his lips, but he couldn’t seem to take the first bite. He sighed some and looked over to Roy, smile still intact, and nodded his head towards the food. “Tell me you didn’t poison this because I didn’t do anything for you today. I seriously feel terrible for not doing anything, like I really don’t deserve to eat such an amazing meal with you after all that you’ve done.” Even if he was going to make him breakfast in the morning… still. It was the principle of the matter of course. “Is there anything I can like, just do to make it up to you?”

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"A week together it is then," he murmured with a smile.  At feeling Dick droop into him, he wrapped both arms around him and held him close, his eyes closing as he let his cheek rest on Dick’s head.  He had grown to be much taller than Dick (which he was very happy about), but to Roy, it seemed to be incredibly adorable.  A few years back, he had felt pretty.. underneath Dick, and that wasn’t a nice feeling.  Now, he liked to think the two were on equal ground— hopeful Dick felt the same way.  "Would you like to stay at the hotel, then?  Either would be fine, I think.  The house is more secluded— just about in the middle of nowhere actually— but the hotel would give us some quick access to the city.  I think both would be pretty great."  Roy definitely liked the idea of all of them going back together and enjoying a nice trip to Scotland…  He could imagine Ales running around the mountains and Daniella picking flowers for an entire afternoon.

Roy laughed at Dick’s banter and kissed his head, pleased that it had gone well.  He missed hugging Dick, loving on him, having him close and enjoying him.  He leaned down and started to kiss him, his lips, his cheeks, his face— kiss as much as he could.  He paused and and grinned against his cheek, his arms holding him close.  ”I’m glad you seem to like this, Birdie.”  Holy hell, when was the last time he had called Dick that?  He kissed at his face a little more, nuzzling him.  He pulled back once Dick mentioned the dinner and laughed, realizing their small predicament.  ”Ah— I have a nice restaurant waiting for us, but I also have something I made for us.  We can stop by the apartment and get some clothes for you, since my stuff probably wouldn’t fit you…  Or we could just eat here, have a nice romantic time tonight.”  With the word ‘ratchet,’ Roy quirked an eyebrow and shook his head.  ”Please don’t ever say that again, Dick.”

He looked down at Dick and ran a hand through raven-colored hair, his eyes bright.  ”You choose what you’d like to do.  You’ve already chosen the trip, so what would you like for dinner tonight?”  He wrapped his arms around him again, leaning down to press his lips against his again.  He missed kissing him all the time, missed it not being awkward.  He pressed a dozen kisses to his cheeks, smiling in between them.  He was thinking of ‘ratchet’ and how much of a dork  Dick was.  A dumb dork, really.  He loved that about Dick.  ”Dork,” he murmured against his cheek, smiling still.  ”If you want to go, we’ll go, but I definitely don’t mind eating with a half dressed sexy man.”

"I’d like to stay and have a romantic evening with you, actually. We can go out and eat another time. I think tonight is a little bit too special, and I’m probably going to want to love on you for a rather big portion of this evening. Just let me run and get my tanktop on. Y’know, I might as well be at least mostly dressed for this meal." Dick gave him a quick peck on the cheek before hurrying back out into Roy’s living room to get said black tanktop. And now Dick even had a key to the house again… that must’ve been a big step for Roy, now that Dick really thought about it. Roy had ended things before, it was Roy’s house, Roy did everything in it, not Dick… not anymore. But now here he was so many months later giving him a brand new specialized key. Did Roy not know just how much that actually meant to him? It was such a big, important step for him to do that for Dick…

And after the tanktop was on, Dick was back in the kitchen to help Roy if he could. “Anything you need for me to do, love?” That was alright for him to call Roy that, wasn’t it? He looked around and picked up the wrapping and boxes from the gifts to throw those away, then put the gift of silverware and plates onto the table since… well that’s what silverware and plates were for now wasn’t it? He tugged at the hem of his tanktop, just since he was… awkwardly standing there and waiting for any instruction from Roy on what he could do. “Also, just make whatever you’re feeling like okay? I want what you want. And don’t you argue on this either. It’s our day, not my day. And actually, I’m gonna cook it too. Move aside and tell me what you want. You did all of this for me and I’m going to cook for you. Remember? I’ve been practicing. I’m actually a lot better than I used to be.”

Now that wasn’t to say he wouldn’t be on the Food Network recipe page looking at how to specifically cook something. No he’d definitely, definitely be doing something like that. But that was okay since he was still learning. And he really did want to do something for Roy now… after everything Roy had surprised him with, and it being their biggest anniversary date… “When are we leaving for Scotland? Or were those tickets fake? Come to think of it.. I don’t think I actually saw a date on them. Wow. Good job, Grayson.” Dick chuckled to himself, along with mumbling those last few words to himself. He’s trying, give him credit where credit is due.